Nine Inch Nails – With Teeth

One thing about nin is that Mr Trent Reznor, sure take it’s time to make an album, when a new album pops up i tend to think… nin? i actually don’t remember your last album, not that i’m anal about how long it takes to make a decent album, but i tend to associate time with quality, and this is certainly true with nin, the albums are always of top quality, the music is always crisp, the production superb, well we have a new album, let’s see if indeed it has teeth.

The Album starts with “All the Love in the World” a build up song, that only Mr Reznor can make, it builds up to a full fledged rock piano/guitar combo, although a nice one, repeating “why do you get all the love in world” ad infinity, is far from engaging or original, are you that jealous? what is your reason for getting jealous? pretencios bitching is not that interesting, lets have a look at the next one “You Know What You Are”, it sound very close to “Starfuckers Inc”, its a distorted guitar rock tune, its good, “The Collector” comes next, a bit of a confusing song, not much point of interest, next the single “The Hand that Feeds” very dance pop, then comes “Love is Not Enough” again a build up song, again with highly distorted guitars to pull the chorus.

“Every Day is Exactly the Same” comes up and its probably one of the best on the album, not because it’s awesome, more because it drives on the more common nin formula, danceable rhythm, bleak lyrics and catchy chorus, great, but nothing new, the title track “With Teeth” comes up, and again the nin formula, a little heavier industrial maybe, but just the same thing, then comes up “Only” maybe the most danceable track of the album, its not bad, it’s quite catchy and therefore appealing, “Getting Smaller” is a more by numbers guitar driven rock, a little bit refreshing, nice tune, that lays the ground for “Sunspots” another slow driven track much like “Every Day is Exactly the Same”, only worse, it just doesn’t sound that good, it sounds just like any track from a dozen experimental pop bands, “The Line Begins to Blur” another slow one, sounds like it could have come from The Fragile, then comes the useless interlude “Beside You in Time” that drives to the last track “Right Where it Belongs”, that although interesting it’s nothing especial.

It’s one of those things, even thought the music is really good, it doesn’t seem new, it doesn’t have that fresh feeling, the lyrics are around the same angst lyrics that a million bands do and that nin always done, sure it sounded wickedly bleak 10 year ago (and that’s a good thing in this kind of music), now it just sounds boring and since we all know he’s life is pretty good, what’s his problem?, damn bitch, if no one loves you and you spend your time drinking and doing drugs, its because you are a fuck up, a 40 year old fuck up, and although being kind of sad it sure as hell doesn’t revolt me, nowadays if you get into drugs or alcohol or mushrooms its your fucking fault, if no one loves you, its your fucking fault, however if your a millionaire that has a really good life singing about how life is bleak, you are a hypocrite, whatever the reason may be, in my eyes you’ll still look foolish, anyway the music is of good quality, but its basically more of the same, as i said before the things i value more in music are quality and originality, quality is here, but originality is 10 years too late.

Nine Inch Nails – Every Day Is Exactly The Same

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