Rob Zombie – Educated Horses

Ohhh yeah baby those horses need some education, well i have one of those love/hate relationships with Rob Zombie, well more hate than love, but that’s another story, there’s a new album, and in case you don’t know, Rob Zombie, plays a kind of weird “sampled ridden” glam rock, it sounds like redneck music to me, how i do miss White Zombie, well that’s a even longer story.

This Educated Horses is the most laid back, groovy album i have ever heard….that would be true if i was a coke addict trying to sell my ass on the street, this album is a disgrace, it’s basically a money machine, everyone does it, but most do something like “the best of Mariah Query” or “Michael Jacson’s how time flies, when your with children”, doing a brand new album is not that common, i know, i know since you started making movies your low on cash, but please do some work, there are people paying for this shit, they have children to feed, think of the children, just like Michael, why don’t you think of the children

What have you done? There isn’t anything in this album i can hold on, not one decent music, if you wanted to make a voice book about zombies, death or american witches, just say it on the cover, because this is not music, this is you talking with some annoying background sound that just goes on and on and on, hell even your voice sounds lazy, you are lazy bastard, everyone loves a bastard, but a lazy one? fuck you, and fuck your dumb ass music.

p.s.1 Your movies are great, i have an idea, do like Jenifer Lopez and move to the movies permanently…what?, wait, she didn’t?…well she sucked on both jobs anyway.

p.s.2 The names are all correctly spelled, the fact that actual people have this names is purely coincidental ^^

Rob Zombie – American Witch

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