Tenacious D – Tenacious D

A 2001 album? Based on a HBO series? Screw it, Jack Black is fucking hilarious, and not a bad musician to boot, well maybe I’ll give a bigger insight, Tenacious D is composed of Jack Black and Kyle Gass, both are fucking funny and as such i guess they got the opportunity to make a HBO Show, first some shorts and then 6 full episodes, that showed the Tenacious D tribulations to get famous, even thought it was fucking hilarious, each show had a open-mike kind of thing were they would play a couple of songs, most of those became this album, the funny (at least for me) thing is that not only the comedy was priceless, the music was funky and funny as well.

The album is basically rock, well more a funky upbeat kind of rock, it does have some touches of hard rock/metal, folk music, country rock, it’s said that this would fit in the comedy rock genre, i don’t know about the genre, but it is basically rock with Jack Black’s comedy flare, the album is quite the easy listening, it has a bunch of comic intermissions, including and insightful commentary about Cock Pushups, as well as the most powerful singing tool since Yodeling? is Inward Singing, yeah that’s right, these pearls of wisdom combined with freaking hilarious tracks like, well, all the tracks ^^ hehehe, “Tribute”, “Wonderboy”, “Fuck Her Gently”, “Kyle Quit” and “Karate”, are for sure my favorites.

The perfect album? Hell Yeah, if your laughing every 5 minutes, who cares about the music, can i talk about the grooviness or the actual engaging rock?, yeah it’s good clean stuff, heheh if your into rock and have a gross out humor this is for sure, a must buy, now i’m gonna relax and try and do some Cock Pushups.

Tenacious D – Wonderboy

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