Weezer – Make Believe

Uhhh weeee, i’ll make this short and super sweet, Weezer are Weezer and i must say they have changed, there’s something about clean and nice rock that just brings a smile to my face, sure with time one would suspect they would get old, but their pop”ed” hard rock seems to still thrive, the last album was a bit of a strange affair as well as a 4 years (10 months in Meshuggah time) of wait for a new album seems a bit of a stretch, so here it is, let’s see if it will make me into a believer.

The album starts with “Beverly Hills“, actually one of my favorites in the album, sounds gay as hell, and it’s fucking depressing, just my kind of thing…i guess hehehe, so anyway then comes “Perfect Situation” humm nice track, sounds like an oldie, classic Weezer, now “This is Such a Pity” uhhh experimenting are we? well it’s kinda nice with all the synth work, with a big build up, “Hold Me” is a boring soft track almost qualifies as a filer, “Peace” another softer track, then “We are all on drugs” ahhh now that’s better, rock and roll, “The Damage in Your Heart” and “Pardon Me” are ok…i guess, I’m getting a bit of a buzz but nothing too deep, I’m half way through and the album seems to be dying on me after that oh so good start.

“My Best Friend” humm more deja vu tracks, “The Other Way” well this one sucks, “Freak Me Out” uhhh another bad one, “Haunt You Every Day”, well there goes the album, fiend goes for the line, he shoots and he scores, right into the gutter, hurray for me.

So this one is giving me mixed feelings, i kinda like Weezer, they do ok stuff and reminds me of a time when i was a virgin and needed some soothing rock tunes to calm my raging hormones, nowadays i use sugary drinks and paranoid dementia as a substitute, well anyway those times are way gone (someone should point that out to the guys on Weezer) and so in the end, i guess they have a couple of good tunes, but it seems in the last 4 years there is nothing really new or at least really good, i know, i know, creating intelligent pop lyrics is a pain in the ass, so this one is for itunes, listen to it and buy the ones you like, the rest is better on the gutter, i guess i believe in fucking shit.

Weezer – Beverly Hills

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