Sorrows Path – The Rough Path Of Nihilism

Humm got this preview from Sorrows Path new album “The Rough Path Of Nihilism”, not too sure if its that rough of a path, well maybe im wrong hehehe, but anyways lets check out Sorrows Path album, they seem to originate from Greece, and play a sort of Power Doom Metal fusion, from my initial listen and my natural negative bias towards Power Metal, i have to say that this Rough Path Of Nihilism is quite a easy listen, so lets get into it, shall we!

The album starts with “All Love Is Lost”, with a acoustic guitar building to a mostly Power Metal track, not that great, a bit bland, maybe because i like my albums to start blinding fast! hehehe moving on to “The Beast (S.P.R.), hummm much better, i don’t understand why isn’t this one the first track! It has a clear domish groove going through it, with a spanky good guitar solo, solid track! Next up is “Honestly…” another good track, maybe its me, but it sounded a bit too cheery, “Fetish” is a bit heavier, pretty good, its weird how well you listen to this, the crisp riffs help a lot!

“Dirty Game” is a bit the weirdo in the bunch with unorthodox riffs and weird singing, not too sure what to think of this one, “Mr Holy” is another solid track (a bit like Honestly…), “Getting Closer” i like a lot of the guitar work, much more domish to me, hehehe next up is “Queen of Doom” oh and i should add “Prostitute” as well, i know i shouldnt mix tracks but they are pretty similar not sound wise but style wise, more groovy, dense and heavy, this duo is the highlight of the album.

“Hymn Of Differentiation” is a more straightforward track, still pretty good, next is “Empty Eyes And Blackened Hearts” the first single of the album, and it shows a bit, hehehe a bit cleared and toned down, still awesome groove and solid track, even with my distaste i would listen to this all day long, ending up is “Nihilism” a more atmospheric track, a bit jumbled at first but a fitting end to the album.

Ahh all done, so production wise it seems spotless to me, sound is crisp and clear, overall the album starts a bit on the slowish part, but it builds up pretty well (hell the single is almost the last track), if you are into Power Metal with touches of Heavy and Doom, then this one from Sorrows Path is a shoe win.

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Sorrows Path – Empty Eyes And Blackened Hearts

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