The Hardest Season – Dawn

So “The Hardest Season”, i do wonder… what is (the hardest season)… anyhoo these boys hail from Italy, they are composed of Luca (vocals), Fabrizio (guitar), Valerio (bass), Riccardo (guitar), Roberto (drums) and from the first couple of listens (actually from the start) this is hardcore with flair, not too sure if its my fav style, but surely well played and very tight and focused, so lets get our hands on “Dawn” (humm… dawns, seasons… very… hehehe).

Ok from the get-go with “Confessions” you get the all too familiar hardcore blast/screamo, this permeates all through the album, be sure this is hardcore! Not that its a bad thing, just that “The Hardest Season” twisting and spasms don’t fall too far from the hardcore tree… sorry hehehe back to “Confessions” humm starting off with screaming blastbeating into a more mellow screaming, next up is “Dead Romantic” blasting away again, still like the track before tweaking here and there, eventually slowing it down to a sort of half breakbeat, pretty good! “Nightmare of You” sets pretty much the scheme, hardcore blasting into, slower dreadier passages…

“Sleepless” you are up, and we get a more “new wave” hardcore, its good! but always with some breaks and kinks here and there, this is good stuff, “Tears Valley Sickness Blues” is a quicky hardcore blaster, then the melodic interlude with “The Foreword”, hummm not too sure about this one it does wind up into a a nice crescendo, just these melodic parts with backdrop vocals sound weird, the apply named “The Storm” is a bit a “stormy” hardcore track, “Desolation in Gb Minor” is a slowed down hardcore track, almost sludge, still pretty good contrast, and because of the slowed pace the vocals sound awesomely sharp, nice one.

“Twentyeight to Ten” is back to blasting hardcore, building and yelling away to a chorus crescendo, kinda weird, but hardcorish for sure! “Last Fuckin’ Scarred Lines” is more hard/hardcore and what a fitting way to finish a album… blasting away…

One thing I cant beat “The Hardest Season” is for being too formulaic, something hard to escape in the narrow landscapes of hardcore, i also like the position of the tracks, i normally have a issue with that, not in this album, especially cause some hardcore tracks if listen in succession might sound very similar, production is spot on, i really wasn’t expecting much from this album, but i can say i left this one pretty happy, if you are craving for some hardcore, give this one a try!

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The Hardest Season – Nightmare of You

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