Valinor – It is Night

Despite not being major stars in their native country (Poland), VALINOR (no, this is not a Power metal band inspired by Tolkien’s Middle Earth) are steadily rising from the shadows to take their place in the metal scene with a proposal that features elements of symphonic, fantasy and a nice amount of good ideas.

The beginning of the band’s existence goes back to early 1993 and throughout the ages they have released a decent number of demos and were featured in some compilations.

The band’s offering is as a tendency melodic, although it does feature natural heavy elements. It has some of the heavier moments of THERION’s Theli and Vovin, while keeping a sonority of their own. A sonority which has been being built through the years and resulted in over forty minutes of musical quality.

Clean vocals with a different tone, certainly not very usual within its field – but also harsh vocals that make a decent contrast with the clean vocals, synchronized with the Black Metal side of the band. They will probably appeal to fans of ENSLAVED, early TIAMAT or even VINTERSORG, STORM, even MOONSPELL (on the clear invocative voices).

If I am not mistaken, “It is Night” is the band’s first attempt at a full-length, and you can download most of it directly from the band’s website (which unfortunately is so far only available in Polish, from what I could see). The recording line-up was Ernest Garstka (guitar), Piotr Rucki (guitar), Rafal Rucki (bass), Jakub Glab (vocals) and Andrzej Trzaskus (drums). Definitely worth a check.

Valinor – It Is Night

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