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Fear Factory – The Industrialist

Its like beating a dead horse, there is such as thing as quitting while you are ahead, Fear Factory is one of my all time favorite bands and as such im kinda a bit biased towards then, but ever since “Digimortal” (a in my opinion half-hassed album), Fear Factory is pretty much dead to me, still they keep churning these things away, and so now we are presented with “The Industrialist”!

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Primary Slave – Another Mark Is Drawn

So Primary Slave, this seems to be a postumus album, since the lead singer/guitar Mark Giltrow tragically died in a accident during the conception of this album, so not too sure if Primary Slave will continue or not, besides that, the band is from the UK and has Lee Dunham on guitar, David Palser on bass and humm… G (aka Graham Lyons) on drums, so lets check out this “Another Mark is Drawn”.

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Mushroomhead – Savior Sorrow

What’s with me and bad albums, well i always had a big admiration for Mushroomhead‘s music and creativity, no one combined a sense of alternative metal than this folks, mixing everything up and spitting musical gems, that is until now, seems frontman J. Mann is no longer part of the band and it shows… terribly, this is no evolution and if it’s a revolution than it’s not a democratic one, it sounds like shit, it lacks the aggression, it lacks the hooks, it lacks the good lyrics, it lacks everything, it sounds like their old albums but without that alternative approach, point blank “Savior Sorrow” is embarrassing.

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Weezer – Make Believe

Uhhh weeee, i’ll make this short and super sweet, Weezer are Weezer and i must say they have changed, there’s something about clean and nice rock that just brings a smile to my face, sure with time one would suspect they would get old, but their pop”ed” hard rock seems to still thrive, the last album was a bit of a strange affair as well as a 4 years (10 months in Meshuggah time) of wait for a new album seems a bit of a stretch, so here it is, let’s see if it will make me into a believer.

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Nine Inch Nails – With Teeth

One thing about nin is that Mr Trent Reznor, sure take it’s time to make an album, when a new album pops up i tend to think… nin? i actually don’t remember your last album, not that i’m anal about how long it takes to make a decent album, but i tend to associate time with quality, and this is certainly true with nin, the albums are always of top quality, the music is always crisp, the production superb, well we have a new album, let’s see if indeed it has teeth.

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