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Fredrik Thordendal’s Special Defects – Sol Niger Within

This is the kind of album that’s hard to review… well because it’s so awesome, i know, i know, so instead of going on a rant fest and just saying good things about everything, i’ll just give a quick and dirty review, i’ll try and talk about the things i like the most and a bit of the background.

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Decapitated – Organic Hallucinosis

I must confess, I’m a big Decapitated fan since “Winds of Creation”. Though this album presented great technique and skills, the Vader influences were clear. They did an excellent job anyway. Great strong songs.

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Behemoth – Demigod

What can i say about Behemoth, one of the finest metal bands in the world, hehehe whatever, you want demonic voices, pounding wall of sound metal, hard as hell, fucking extreme, then they are your guys, from the first song “Sculpting The Throne Ov Seth” you get the clearest of pictures.

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