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Bloodshed – Inhabitants of Dis

Assembled in 1996 by Mikael (drums) and Joel (guitar), they soon saw the band increase in number and consistence with the addition of Robin (bass and growls), Tommy (guitar) and Glenn (vocals). In the course of time they released the debut demo When the Night Betrays the Light (97), the following demo The Laughter of Destruction (99) and the Skullcrusher EP, featuring their by then present way of playing with certain MERCILESS, MARDUK and NILE influences. 2002 saw the outcome of their debut CD release via Code666: Inhabitants of Dis.

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Gnostic – Evoking the Demon

1997 watched the birth of many things evil in San Antonio, USA. One of them was performed by Obliterater and Necroghoul, being later completed by Lord Vistigium and Inferno. The attack upon humankind would be self-labelled ‘brutal fucking war metal’, a pompous way of saying raw Black Metal.

The gathering of murderous souls released ’98 demo Bloodwars of Heretic Supremacy, quickly followed by ’99 Necrobliteration promo. Then, after a carousel of adventures with labels, GNOSTIC agreed to have French Ordealis Records release two albums, the first of which is Evoking the Demon.

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Crystalmoors – The Unconquered Land

The Unconquered Land has a beautiful folk beginning, bards alike. CRYSTALMOORS play Pagan Metal as invoked by Uruksoth (vocals), Erun-Dagoth (guitar), Faramir (guitar and flute), Throrus (bass), Gharador (drums and percussion) and Gothmog (keyboards).

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Lux Ferre – Antichristian War Propaganda

Born in the Pits of Portugal (although Hell could have been a good guess) in 2001 by the hands of Baal Sabbath (guitars, bass) and Devasth (vocals, programming), the intention was understandably to unleash the fiercest, most violent and destructive Black Metal manifestation ever.

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Perditor – In Signo Suo

PERDITOR was founded in 1997 by Azazel (bass, vocals) and Lord Sauron (guitar). Very much based upon the Satanist thought commando, the first demo Hell on Earth came out in 2000, featuring Vulgaris on drums. Several line-up changes afterwards, 2001 saw the release of Perdition, the demo that signed the band to Ordealis Records, through which they released yet this In Signo Suo.

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Gorath – Elite

Following the early demos and split release material, GORATH’s Belgian BM is back with the first full-length via Black Owl Records, after the rave reviews to The Blueprints of Revolution (2004).

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Pest – Vado Mori

The Grave seems to have been positively flooded with decently above the average BM releases in the last couple of weeks. That two of the albums have been released by Ketzer Records cannot be just a coincidence.

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Gholgoth – Somnus Mortis Imago

GHOLGOTH were founded in late 1998 by Zoltan Molnar (vocals), Zsolt Temesváry (bass) and guitarist Attila Torday (guitars). Endre Vigh (drums) and second guitarist Tibor Kovacs (both belonging to DIAFRAGAMA) joined the ritual and released the ’00 demo Visional Inertia. The current line-up has Laszlo Kliment replacing Attila the Hun (sorry, couldn’t help myself).

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