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Angst – In hoc Signo Vinces

Swedish city Norrköping witnessed the birth of ANGST in 2002, from the ashes of a project called ONDSKE. As ANGST, no longer a one-man band, three releases have already seen the dark of night: Divine Wrath (demo, 2003), Lykania (EP, 2004) and the present debut full-length In hoc Signo Vinces (2005, Black Attakk).

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Valinor – It is Night

Despite not being major stars in their native country (Poland), VALINOR (no, this is not a Power metal band inspired by Tolkien’s Middle Earth) are steadily rising from the shadows to take their place in the metal scene with a proposal that features elements of symphonic, fantasy and a nice amount of good ideas.

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Damnation – Resurrection of Azarath

All hell breaks loose – especially since DAMNATION saw Resurrection of Azarath released, a compilation and celebration of the good old DAMNATION times. There are no new tracks here, only a selection of past hymns, as well as some rare and previously unreleased songs.

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Besatt – Sacrifice for Satan

Definitely not inexperienced as far as Black Metal is concerned, Polish Besatt, who have been brought to life in 1991, bring forth their fourth album, titled Sacrifice for Satan. Treading the old Bathory path, with a couple of influences from early German Thrash Metal, and capitalising from a strong (not at all unheard of) antichristian feature, Fulmineus, Beldaroth and Agonus unload all their hatred in eight hymns to Darkness, punctuated by the common places of the genre.

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Urgehal – Goatcraft Torment

Opening track “Goatcraft Torment” starts up with “This is Satanic Black Metal”, so i guess they play…Satanic Black Metal? good to know, i won’t have to spend a couple of minutes figuring out what the heck are they playing, not that i have anything against black metal or now that i think of it Satan, i just think that’s silly to coin yourself from the get go, does it mean that all the tracks will be about Satan? like “ahh Satan took a shower GRRR and ate some infidels christians for breakfast YARRR” wait, now that i think of it…. that would be cool, well let’s head back to Urgehal‘s “Goatcraft Torment”.

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Ram-Zet – Escape

Ram-Zet hail from Norway and therefore they play…. Progressive Metal? well they do throw in Death/Black/Industrial and of course some symphonic touches, mostly through the piano/violin combo, that and the dual vocals (harsh male/clean female), do create a Progressive metal kind of fusion, seems people are calling it Avant Garde Metal (or Schizo Metal/Experimental Metal), so let’s just have a look at “Escape”.

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