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Coprofago – Unorthodox Creative Criteria

So I decided to review Coprofago latest work. My first contact with Coprofago was with the “Genesis” album. I didn’t like it at all. It was a major Meshuggah rip-off. I mean, even the vocals sound exactly like Jens Kidman. Not similar. Exactly the same. They had some ideas but 97% was all Meshuggah.

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Rob Zombie – Educated Horses

Ohhh yeah baby those horses need some education, well i have one of those love/hate relationships with Rob Zombie, well more hate than love, but that’s another story, there’s a new album, and in case you don’t know, Rob Zombie, plays a kind of weird “sampled ridden” glam rock, it sounds like redneck music to me, how i do miss White Zombie, well that’s a even longer story.

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Mudvayne – Lost And Found

One can always enjoy to a even bigger degree any kind of music if you get a show with it, much like Kiss, the show is a nice complement to the music, now Mudvayne releases a new album, and … WHAT no make up? So does that mean that before you guys were just copying all the acts that use a lot of props and make up, or are you just selling out and going for a more clean look, you guys… well anyway, what could you expect after their last album being a one hit wonder, and we all know those kinds of albums don’t promise much.

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Static-X – Start A War

I tend to think of bands like Static-X, are in the same group as Machine Head or Chimaira, they are known but they aren’t the bomb, in case of Static-X much like Mudvayne, their debut album, was oh so much fun, far from excellence but enjoyable, but time has it’s way and it seems with time the band had it’s uppers and downers, mostly downers, then they release their fourth full length, and it seems they are up to “Start A War”, sure…. Static-X? Start a war? Jeez Batman hold me tight.

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In Flames – Come Come Clarity

In Flames?, no time no see, hailing from the Gothenburg school of heavy metal, to be more precise melodic death metal, since, before that, using melody with death metal was a icky, how times have changed, almost half of death metal bands nowadays, indeed infuse some form or another of melody in their arrangements, however, In Flames are a particular case, they have two sides, after “Reroute to Remain” and before, “true” In Flame fans of course don’t like the after, so “Come Clarity” is here, have In Flames reached some?

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Fear Factory – Transgression

Ohhh were have you gone my precious, talking like and ex-fear factory fan, since Demanufacture, there is a void, sure Demanufacture wasn’t a perfect album, but it sure was an exciting and original album, so my only conclusion for this hiatus could only be that Fear Factory suffer from a grave illness, i’m going to call it the “tool syndrome”, and it’s symptoms are a complete lack of originality and illusions of grandeur, the problem with me and Fear Factory is that i know they can do better, they just never did, and when they say this album is more of an experiment or whatever, well since Demanufacture, they basically say all their albums are experimental and shit, like it’s an excuse for lack of commitment or worse, competence.

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