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Godless Truth – Arrogance of Supreme Power

That the Czech Republic has some supreme Death Metal bands goes without saying. GODLESS TRUTH are one of the examples of thriving bands with an envious amount of experience on the way. The album department features Desperation (1998, Deadsun Records), Burning Existence (1999, Deadsun Records) and Self-Realization (2001, Shindy Productions). Live experience is not lacking either, having opened for acts such as INVERACITY, VOMIT REMNANTS, DISGORGE (usa), amongst others.

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Damnation – Ressurection of Azarath

All hell breaks loose especially since DAMNATION saw Resurrection of Azarath released, a compilation and celebration of the good old DAMNATION times. There are no new tracks here, only a selection of past hymns, as well as some rare and previously unreleased songs. The sources vary from previous demos to full-lengths, including two bonus cover versions of KING DIAMOND’s Mansion in Darkness and MORBID ANGEL’s Bleed for the Devil.

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Decapitated – Nihility

The fact that this band is composed by young men (nowadays at the age of 20 or so) has more or less hindered them from having a wider recognition in the past. Most people seemed not to take their efforts seriously. However, after the release of the Cemeterial Gardens  demo in 1997, it became clear that the band were playing more than just standard, faithful-to-the-roots Death Metal. Decapitated‘s nowadays almost consecrated status slowly gained its firm roots with the release of yet another demo (The Eye Of Horus) in 1998 and their debut album Winds of Creation through Earache‚Wicked World in 2000.

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Diskreet – Infernal Rise

Ahh back to some headbashing hehehe, Diskreet is kind of the new wave of death metal, it has a more hardcore/grindcore feel to it, and not so much a leaning technical ability, nevertheless they hail from Kansas USA, and that might mean something to be mad about muahhaha.

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D’Evil Leech Project – Bleed your Mind

The band now known as D’EVIL LEECH PROJECT was born under the black mark of the year 1994. Back then, the moniker was DEVILEECH and the debut album (Leechtron, 1999) brought forth a band simultaneously aggressive (Death Metal vein) and slightly industrial (not only due o some of the musical passages, but also because the band has rejected the human drummer from an early stage, in favor of a sequencer).

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Acheron – Decade Infernus

ACHERON is one of the oldest Satanic Death Metal bands in existence. Reverend Vincent Crowley is the frontman and responsible for the uttering of many blasphemies throughout the ages and the band’s 15 years of existence. The aforementioned is also a member of the misanthropic band WOLFEN SOCIETY.

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Blinded Colony – Bedtime Prayers

Seems I’m going from A to Z, well anyway here is the “new one” from the Swedish Blinded Colony, hmmm a bit of “Gothenburg” style of music, humm, first of all after a couple of listening although it sounds a bit like a more hardcorish form of Soilwork or In Flames (and lately i haven’t been that impressed with both this bands), well lets just sink our teeth on this one.

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Beneath The Massacre – Mechanics Of Dysfunction

Hehe, well i had plenty of time with this almost played it non stop on a 3hour flight, so first of all this is the first album for this Montreal, Canada outfit, damn after Unexpect i kinda always expect great things from Canada hehehe, this is technical death metal with some twists and kinks, shall we get into it.

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