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Amoral – Decrowning

Why Amoral?, Well because I’ve just talked about Scar Symmetry, and although they have a lot in common they are two very different breeds, both i would call melodic death metal, although in this case Amoral go for a more technical death metal/thrash combo that gives a bit more bite and interest, and downplaying all the way the melodic part, that’s all good, but how good is “Decrowning”

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Scar Symmetry – Pitch Black Progress

Scar Symmetry hail from Sweden and as you would expect they play a by the numbers melodic death metal, the only difference between them and the rest of the pack is that they go to an extreme, from a guttural neck breaking death metal to hyper melodic clean vocals, in a world where melodic death metal is synonymous with In Flames and Dark Tranquillity, were the formula is almost to shout your way through to a clean vocal chorus, it’s actually refreshing to see a band play death metal with melody, so let’s have a look at what “Pitch Black Progress” has to offer.

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Ram-Zet – Escape

Ram-Zet hail from Norway and therefore they play…. Progressive Metal? well they do throw in Death/Black/Industrial and of course some symphonic touches, mostly through the piano/violin combo, that and the dual vocals (harsh male/clean female), do create a Progressive metal kind of fusion, seems people are calling it Avant Garde Metal (or Schizo Metal/Experimental Metal), so let’s just have a look at “Escape”.

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Glass Casket – A Desperate Man’s Diaries

This guys have shit, point blank simple, this “A Desperate Man’s Diaries” from Glass Casket is a pearl in a sea of fucking mediocrity, I’m getting a bit ahead of myself, Glass Casket play …. hummm i would say some form of eccentric Death Metal, because they cross a lot of borders, like Hardcore, Grindcore and a lot of bits from here and there.

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Negativa – Negativa

Do you know Gorguts?! Luc Lemay is back with Negativa, his new project.

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Urkraft – The Inhuman Aberration

Humm, seems Urkraft hails from Denmark, does that mean… oh yeah that’s on the north… so? it must be Death Metal ehhehe, kidding or not, Urkraft brings us a interesting mix of Melodic Death Metal with a but load of thrash into the mix, not that I’m unfamiliar with the mix, but i actually don’t remember someone that might fit, for comparison i mean, maybe… At the Gates? … well no, no matter, so here comes “The Inhuman Aberration”, its not their first album, but it’s my first listen, and probably yours as well, so lets have a look.

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Scarve – Irradiant

As it seems France has a lot more to offer, and i thought Gojira was a one time fluke, Scarve play a somewhat familiar mixture of technical death metal, with hints of industrial, and other “electronic metal” related sounds, i know it’s strange to say, but their music tends to go for the formula the likes of Darkane and In Flames go, it has to have a more “clean” chorus to grab peoples attention, it’s not a bad thing per say, Darkane master it to almost perfection.

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Krisiun – AssassiNation

I never understood why Krisiun never got the exposure that they deserve. I mean… They are an amazing death metal band and still many death metal fans don’t know them at all. Well… Soundcult visitors, here we go!

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