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Mors Principium Est – Inhumanity

Ohhh what have you done, ohhh the “Inhumanity”, hehehe, the name is appropriate, why ohh why, hehehe, i’m getting emotional here, well Mors hail from Finland, yeah the home of melodic death metal or was is Scandinavia, well whatever somewhere cold with lots of dungeons, if this is your cup of tea, then read the rest.

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Nile – Annihilation of the Wicked

Before talking about the album itself, I’ll try to place this record in the bands career and try to understand what can be expected from now on from Nile. “Annihilation of the Wicked” is Nile‘s 4th album. I think a band’s 4th album is, usually, the hardest one to conceive. I’ll explain…

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Decapitated – Organic Hallucinosis

I must confess, I’m a big Decapitated fan since “Winds of Creation”. Though this album presented great technique and skills, the Vader influences were clear. They did an excellent job anyway. Great strong songs.

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Necrophagist – Epitaph

OK! I could start this one stating that Muhammed Suiçmez – founder, guitarist and vocalist of Necrophagist – is a genius and I could do a biography about how he at the age of 14 already wrote the lyrics to “Onset of Putrefaction” and how he had a tough beginning in the guitar because of his parents Muslim thinking and how he manage to record the previous album all by himself. But I’m not going to do that. We have the Wikipedia for that.

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Psycroptic – Symbols of Failure

In a few years, Psycroptic have already conquered a small space in the restrict group of bands that lead the technical death metal front line. The past two albums did shake the pillars of the more underground death metal community. With this “Symbols of Failure” – the third album of the Australian band – they definitely made some more heavy damage!. Even with some line up changes, they seemed cohesive and stronger then ever.

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Behemoth – Demigod

What can i say about Behemoth, one of the finest metal bands in the world, hehehe whatever, you want demonic voices, pounding wall of sound metal, hard as hell, fucking extreme, then they are your guys, from the first song “Sculpting The Throne Ov Seth” you get the clearest of pictures.

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