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Shadows Fall – The War Within

Shadows Fall hail from Massachussets and are probably still counting the damage done by Ivan the hurricane by now. Premiered in the music market with 97s Somber Eyes to the Sky (Lifeless Records), the band was represented by Century Media from the 2000 Of one Blood album on then came the 2001 Deadworld EP, 2002 Fear Will Drag You Down, 2003 The Art of Balance and the present freshman in so prolific a career: 2004 The War Within. Shadows are currently FALLing over Brian Fair (vocals), Matthew Bachand (guitar, vocals), Jonathan Donais (leas guitar, vocals), Paul Romanko (bass) and Jason Bittner (drums).

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Abominattion – Doutrine of False Martyr

Back in 1994, sill under the moniker Anesthesia, Abominattion released the first demo, Burning Souls, which was warmly received by fans and press. 1998 set the stage for the second demo, Hated by the Flames, followed by 2000’s Rites of the eternal Hate (CD) and 2001’s Doutrine of False Martyr (spelling mistake included^). Animated Records re-released the latter, 3 years after the original album, with two bonus tracks (Eternity’s Defy and Devastated World).

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Dim Mak – Knives of Ice

Guess what?! The time has come to speak about one of the best kept secrets in death metal.
Yes, I’m talking about Dim Mak. Dim who? Mak. No, not the Chinese Death Touch. I mean… yes and no.

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Cryptopsy – Once Was Not

“What the fuck happened to Lord Worm‘s voice???” That was my first comment on “Once Was Not” first play. The rest of the guys in Cryptopsy sound better then ever tough. They kept their characteristic style, but Worm, oh God. Oh well, I’ll ignore the vocals while trying to describe “Once Was Not”.

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Origin – Echoes of Decimation

First of all: Origin rocks! ^^ When I first heard “Informis Inifinitas Inhumanitas“, Origin’s second record, my left testicle just fell. Origin is extremely technical, brutal and fast. From shredding guitar riffs (not the Cannibal Corpse or Necrophagist kind of riffage) to inhuman drumming, Origin has it all.

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Cannibal Corpse – Kill

First of all, Cannibal Corpse, alongside with Morbid Angel, set most of the rules for Death Metal. I think that every Death Metal fan should know CC’s work because of that. Even if you don’t like them, at least try to listen to the records on an educational basis.

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DevilDriver – The Fury of Our Maker’s Hand

I could just talk about Dez Fafara, former Coal Chamber frontman and now Devildriver frontman, well well Mr Dez how times have changed…or maybe not, after the separation from Coal Chamber (just for flaming their best album by far was Chamber Music), he quickly formed a new group, going from the goth>nu>metal that Coal Chamber played to…well…Thrash Metal, that sure surprised me, and i always like a good surprise, Devildriver play a by the book Thrash Metal, sure it touches parts of Rock/Death but hey that’s nitpicking, it’s thrash, actually quite a soften thrash to say the least.

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Hate Eternal – I, Monarch

Hate Eternal has already managed to overcome the “just a side-project” syndrome right on their second album – and a killer one, I might add. I’ll skip the part were I would talk about Erik Rutan‘s great work on Morbid Angel, his departure and how he managed to assemble one of the best extreme death metal bands in the Universe. Erik has nothing to prove by now. H.E. truly has conquered the death metal throne – or at least the podium. So what does Erik and the rest of the guys present us with “I, Monarch”?

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