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In Flames – Come Come Clarity

In Flames?, no time no see, hailing from the Gothenburg school of heavy metal, to be more precise melodic death metal, since, before that, using melody with death metal was a icky, how times have changed, almost half of death metal bands nowadays, indeed infuse some form or another of melody in their arrangements, however, In Flames are a particular case, they have two sides, after “Reroute to Remain” and before, “true” In Flame fans of course don’t like the after, so “Come Clarity” is here, have In Flames reached some?

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Gojira – From Mars To Sirius

Lets start this by saying i love Gojira, i don’t know them for long, but in the last couple of months we have become very close, like a married man with it’s mistress, well back to the point, Gojira plays a very personalized kind of “Neo” Morbid Angel, you know a slow hard and technical Death/Black Metal, but unlike Morbid Angel, Gojira seem to have an edge, picking the best of all kinds of metal and fusing into their progressive onslaught.

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Neurotic – The Rebirth of Sin

Neurotic - The Rebirth of SinNeurotic is that kind of band that you gotta….love? Well everyone loves death metal, anyhow, they come from Portugal, and did i say they play death metal, yeah much derived from the “slower is better” school of death metal (in contrast with “i’m in a hurrey to go home” school of death metal), hey who doesn’t love some “Morbid Angel” well at least that’s what their lead guitarist says, yeah i know them so i’m biased, but since we are talking about love, who doesn’t love some one sided reviews.

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Textures – Drawing Circles

I really like Textures, i loved their first album, their 3 way combination of Thrash/Calc Metal/Melody was a great listen (with lot’s of hints of Meshuggah), now with the new album you get a surprise it seems they (i suppose for the need to combine everything to a more trademark sound) went a different way, it sounds more like an metal experimental album, than a full fixture, thought the sound does seem more mature, the truth is it lacks the one two punch of a purer form of thrash/calc metal, and with it and the prolonged necessity for melodic passages it lacks much of the brutal aggression they once possessed.

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Darkane – Layers Of Lies

Darkane are back, and when i say back, i say BACK, yeah new album, first of all Darkane is no new kid on the block, they are the block, pounding your face all day long, their innovative technical thrash meets melodic death his back, after 4 albums things are looking up.

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Behemoth – Demigod

What can i say about Behemoth, one of the finest metal bands in the world, hehehe whatever, you want demonic voices, pounding wall of sound metal, hard as hell, fucking extreme, then they are your guys, from the first song “Sculpting The Throne Ov Seth” you get the clearest of pictures.

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