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Forsaken – Anima Mundi

FORSAKEN hail from Malta and Anima Mundi is their second album through Golden Lake Productions. And Epic Doom is brilliantly represented by this constellation of 5 musicians, for Anima Mundii is still better than Iconoclast.

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Karl Sanders – Saurian Meditation

Let us skip the biographical notes on the artist. Virtually everybody into Death Metal (and not only) is well aware that Karl is the mastermind behind the glorious NILE.

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Sorrows Path – The Rough Path Of Nihilism

Humm got this preview from Sorrows Path new album “The Rough Path Of Nihilism”, not too sure if its that rough of a path, well maybe im wrong hehehe, but anyways lets check out Sorrows Path album, they seem to originate from Greece, and play a sort of Power Doom Metal fusion, from my initial listen and my natural negative bias towards Power Metal, i have to say that this Rough Path Of Nihilism is quite a easy listen, so lets get into it, shall we!

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Kylesa – Time Will Fuse Its Worth

With my last surge throughout the bowls of Sludge Metal, i guess it was time to talk about Kylesa, they play a more by the numbers form of Sludge, truer to the purest form of Sludge, mixing in some way Doom Metal, Hardcore Punk and Stoner Metal, with a couple of twists and turns in between. So what “Time Will Fuse Its Worth” is all about?

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Negativa – Negativa

Do you know Gorguts?! Luc Lemay is back with Negativa, his new project.

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YOB – The Unreal Never Lived

Unfortunately, YOB has been disbanded early this year. “The Unreal Never Lived” is their 4th and latest album [2005].
OK, so why am I writing about this one year old record? Because it kicks major arse and all of you doom lovers should listen to it.

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Moonspell – Memorial

Moonspell is one of those bands i never got into, maybe it’s because it goes for the slower and orchestra arranged Gothic/Doom, that i’ve never embraced, anyhow they did made a couple of great albums, actually being Wolfheart my favorite (can’t really pinpoint why, maybe because it was the first and therefore the one that had the strongest impact for me…), that was 1995, a couple of years have passed and we have a new album, “Memorial” is here and what a pleasure it is.

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