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Straighthate – Indigenous

Well who are Straighthate, well they come from Greece, uhhh nice place for a vacation, but who cares who they are, we are here to talk about their latest album, that they gave me a copy, how nice of them heheh, called “Indigenous”, the music fits into a kinda “Death Grindcore Hardcore Metal” thing, just like they say on their website, again, how nice, lets check to see if the music is nice as well, shall we.

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Diskreet – Infernal Rise

Ahh back to some headbashing hehehe, Diskreet is kind of the new wave of death metal, it has a more hardcore/grindcore feel to it, and not so much a leaning technical ability, nevertheless they hail from Kansas USA, and that might mean something to be mad about muahhaha.

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Drumcorps – Grist

I could say i have a sort of love/hate relationship with grindcore, mostly because when its well made, it’s completely and utterly awesome, but most of the times its just an amalgam of noise and not in the good sense, also i could say i have the same feeling with electronic music in general, so when Aaron Specter‘s Drumcorps pulls this “Grist” saying it’s a mixing of grindcore and breakcore… i tend to take it with a grain of salt.

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Glass Casket – A Desperate Man’s Diaries

This guys have shit, point blank simple, this “A Desperate Man’s Diaries” from Glass Casket is a pearl in a sea of fucking mediocrity, I’m getting a bit ahead of myself, Glass Casket play …. hummm i would say some form of eccentric Death Metal, because they cross a lot of borders, like Hardcore, Grindcore and a lot of bits from here and there.

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James Plotkin – Phantomsmasher

Noise, that oh so sweet constant in everyones life, if you listen to it enough times it actually starts to sound good, you won’t be able to sleep or have a life, but yeah, just like when you star making some strange noise and your mother tells you to shut the fuck up, because she wants to see listen to some other noise, well noise is noise you can’t listen to it all the time, but sometimes when you do pay attention you might find something you weren’t expecting, in this line comes James Plotkin and he’s apparent ability to ruin fine music, heheh, just kidding, more like adding something in a way of destroying it?

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Psyopus – Ideas Of Reference

This shit has some of the fastest riffing i have ever heard, although this seems to be based on some form of mathcore, Psyopus tend to walk the same road as the likes of The Dillinger Escape Plan, combining a turmoil of fast and hard drumming with blazing guitar work and guttural vocals, all in a very technical pack, being their first full length it’s quite the show.

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Pig Destroyer – Terrifyer

Pig Destroyer. Every time I listen to this band I think “god damn, that name rocks or what?” ehehe. The band stated that, in the beginning, they had a more political intervention attitude, being “pig” a metaphor for “cop”. You know… Cops, pigs, same shit.

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