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Misery Signals – Mirrors

Hardcore and Punk never brought to the table complex playing or technical ability, it’s not in their nature, but their basis of raw energy and aggression do infuse other genres and metalcore being what it is incorporates (ones more than others) the core part more seriously, that mixture of ability and pure hardcore energy can be found on some one like Misery Signals.

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Kylesa – Time Will Fuse Its Worth

With my last surge throughout the bowls of Sludge Metal, i guess it was time to talk about Kylesa, they play a more by the numbers form of Sludge, truer to the purest form of Sludge, mixing in some way Doom Metal, Hardcore Punk and Stoner Metal, with a couple of twists and turns in between. So what “Time Will Fuse Its Worth” is all about?

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Glass Casket – A Desperate Man’s Diaries

This guys have shit, point blank simple, this “A Desperate Man’s Diaries” from Glass Casket is a pearl in a sea of fucking mediocrity, I’m getting a bit ahead of myself, Glass Casket play …. hummm i would say some form of eccentric Death Metal, because they cross a lot of borders, like Hardcore, Grindcore and a lot of bits from here and there.

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All That Remains – The Fall of Ideals

What’s with me and metalcore, every time i check a couple of albums for review, one for sure is metalcore…well that or hardcore, yeah, well besides my nagging, All That Remains is a pretty by the numbers metalcore, fast and hard with the oh so predictable clean chorus, i believe this is their second album, but to be honest it’s the first time i had the pleasure. So let’s have a looksee on “The Fall of Ideals”.

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Crowbar – Lifesblood For The Downtrodden

A Crowbar DVD is on it’s way, but meanwhile, here it is “Lifesblood for the Downtrodden”, Crowbar’s latest record.

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Trendkill – No Longer Buried

Why am i picking this one up? well hehehe, after that review of By Night, i checked them out and found …Trendkill?, well it has 2 members of By Night and the Drummer from Anata, interesting, hummm, well they play a sort of hardcore meets metalcore (wait that sounded too bad to be true…), i guess but i can point out right away that they sound a lot like they are not from the same continent as you might aspect, if i didn’t check it out, i could have swore they were Americans, with all the good and bad that could come from it, so let’s have a look on “No Longer Buried”

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Hatebreed – Supremacy

Gimme my money back, that’s the impression i had with this one, for a moment there i thought i had bought their 2003 album “The Rise of Brutality”, well it seems not, Hatebreed is what i like to call the “best hardcore franchise on the planet” on one hand they do break shit up on the other, they seem to sell their asses to any redneck that crosses their way, just like the life cycle of a product, they are on the maturity stage, it seems their last album just brought them there and they just stabilized there, is this a good thing? or is the decline stage on it’s way? Ohh and the new album is called “Supremacy”, let’s have a look/see/listen.

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Threat Signal – Under Reprisal

Since good old Nebulous is out for every Meshuggah clone (he is such a zealot) I’m going to talk about another clone, why? because its phun with a “ph”, now Threat Signal comes from Canada, they play a sort of what Mnemic/Soilwork play on tech inspired metalcore with touches of Meshuggah like riffin, yes because Meshuggah above all else are an institution, and it seems plagiarism is a form of tribute, so lets check this one out.

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