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Alec Empire – The Destroyer

In the interest of sanity, i bring you Alec Empire, king and ruler of all Digital Hardcore, well yes and no, founder of Atari Teenage Riot (the hardcore techno band … or digital hardcore band), he sure created it, but as a solo artist his moods and tastes have a more diverse pallet, now “The Destroyer” is one of my favorites, simply because its the one closest to being digital hardcore, sure it doesn’t have the political punk derived shouting or the abuse of distorted guitars, but instead it has loads of old school samples and over the top breakbeats, what isn’t to like?

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Shadows Fall – The War Within

Shadows Fall hail from Massachussets and are probably still counting the damage done by Ivan the hurricane by now. Premiered in the music market with 97s Somber Eyes to the Sky (Lifeless Records), the band was represented by Century Media from the 2000 Of one Blood album on then came the 2001 Deadworld EP, 2002 Fear Will Drag You Down, 2003 The Art of Balance and the present freshman in so prolific a career: 2004 The War Within. Shadows are currently FALLing over Brian Fair (vocals), Matthew Bachand (guitar, vocals), Jonathan Donais (leas guitar, vocals), Paul Romanko (bass) and Jason Bittner (drums).

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Sepultura – Dante XXI

Sepultura rocks, plain and simple, they always have and in my mind will always rock, now since the departure from Max Cavalera it has been a bit of a downhill battle, and worst is that they have the ability (well everyone except Max’s replacement) but they just did sub par work after sub par work, sure Max’s Soulfly has never been that impressive, but hell if you are going to keep the name at least keep it in the standard that Sepultura had all of us accustomed with, am i right?

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Into The Moat – The Design

Oh God Oh God Oh God, another tech/jazz band, sweeeet, well this is me after a couple of minutes of ranting after listening to “The Design”, like i said 2 seconds ago this is another one ranging the rabid seas of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Norma Jean or maybe Psyopus, mixing, Punk, Hardcore, Metalcore, with strange time signatures and all those jazzy whatnot’s we all love (or maybe it’s just me ^^), this is their first full length album, and what a treat it is.

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As I Lay Dying – Shadows Are Security

Again throwing myself into the metalcore arena just right between Shadows Fall, God Forbid, Killswitch Engage (they aren’t here for show, more later) and the likes, well why not, i’m bored, here comes As I Lay Dying, i actually thought their previous effort wasn’t bad at all, especially because it seemed a bit rougher and i liked the “downthesun” like explosions, so i heard there were some lineup changes, that can go either way, so let’s dive into Shadows Are Security.

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The Mad Capsule Markets – 1997-2004

Uhh the mad boys are back…well halfway, this is their latest release, but its just a mix of their best tunes from 1997 to 2004, why do this? well maybe because their back catalog isn’t that rich so everyone can save a couple of bucks and just by this one, these japanese boys play a form of electro/punk so the songs are not really part of anything, so albums tend to be collection of songs ratter than something with a beginning, middle or end, anyway i like the mad capsule markets, their use of drum&bass/jungle, so… heavy hitting electronic with the violent overtone of punk/hardcore/thrash, and this mix actually works quite well.

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The Dillinger Escape Plan – Miss Machine

I had an eye on Dillinger, ever since they released the chaotic metal meets hardcore meets punk meets experimental jazz of “Calculating Infinity”, difficult to ear at first (much like Meshuggah) after a while you start to see the underlying structure and all the little nuances you can always find in these kind of music, “Calculating Infinity” wasn’t without flaws, it had a kind of abrasive void about it, even in all the chaos it was still punk/hardcore and it had all the bad and good things punk and hardcore have, rough and aggressive songs, one dimension vocals, it goes on and on, well “Miss Machine” is here, so let’s have a look see.

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Horse The Band – R. Borlax

How can you not love a band with a name like that, in a hardcore world filled to the brim, here comes … “Horse The Band” the weird name has its pursues just like their interestingly original sound, they join straight faced no bullshit hardcore, with 8bits nintendo music…yeah you heard me right…yeah there is a keyboard player somewhere in there, playing…some retro 1980’s, 1990’s video game reminiscent music, how bizarre, well the use of electronics (or clean vocals) is becoming more common on hardcore bands, nevertheless the self evident genre of Nintendocore is theirs.

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