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Madhour – The Beginning of Disaster

So Madhour, got this one in the mail so it gets priority on reviews! Since i don’t know Madhouse maybe we need a bit of a intro, so Madhour hails from Italy and its the brainchild of Ul Teo on bass (from Longobardeath), Lau on vocals, Mike on drums (from Vexed, Tethra and Sidhe), Vik and Paul on guitars, mostly a live heavy metal band and this is their debut mini cd.

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Sorrows Path – The Rough Path Of Nihilism

Humm got this preview from Sorrows Path new album “The Rough Path Of Nihilism”, not too sure if its that rough of a path, well maybe im wrong hehehe, but anyways lets check out Sorrows Path album, they seem to originate from Greece, and play a sort of Power Doom Metal fusion, from my initial listen and my natural negative bias towards Power Metal, i have to say that this Rough Path Of Nihilism is quite a easy listen, so lets get into it, shall we!

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Mastodon – Blood Mountain

From sea huntin to mountain tracking, what can i say, new album from Mastodon, incase you don’t know Mastodon, let me tell you, the name fits the music, their sound is like the prehistoric mammoth like animal, you know, big and hairy, scary tusks, well they play a kind of Technical Heavy Metal band, that mix loads of different genres and styles, from Progressive Rock/Metal to Thrash Metal, from Hardcore to Power Metal, from Sludge Metal to Southern Rock, with memorizing odd ball jazz like drumming (their best feature in a long list of excellent features) and complex heavy guitar riffing, so a new album is here “Blood Mountain”, I’m wondering how it will fare against their critically acclaimed (including myself) last album “Leviathan”.

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Rebel Meets Rebel

Dimebag Darrell is gone forever. Brutally murdered in a Damageplan gig by I retarded fuck (fan). Several tributes were done throughout the globe since the pink bearded man was murdered. Gigs were done, bands played songs with ex-Pantera members here and there, tribute compilations were recorded, etc. Meanwhile, Vinnie Paul releases his side-project with Dimebag Darrell, Rex Brown and the country legend David Allan Coe.

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Mastodon – Leviathan

Mastodon has a sound that reminds me of stoner rock, more stoner metal, with complex jazz like drumming, yeah you heard me right, but what would you expect from former members of the alternative drum machine that was “Today is the Day”, so what does this new album “Leviathan” brings to the board, well it has a back story, it’s an epic, it’s Herman Melville “Moby Dick”, say what?, yeah why not choose a classic novel as a theme, so let’s have a look and see if it’s the best soundtrack for the white wale.

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