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Fear Factory – The Industrialist

Its like beating a dead horse, there is such as thing as quitting while you are ahead, Fear Factory is one of my all time favorite bands and as such im kinda a bit biased towards then, but ever since “Digimortal” (a in my opinion half-hassed album), Fear Factory is pretty much dead to me, still they keep churning these things away, and so now we are presented with “The Industrialist”!

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Lex Talionis – The Supreme Aggression

The first few notes of Endless End clearly depict LEX TALIONIS as an experimentalist technical band verging on the industrial. And what is more, the whole album is faithfully portraying the quality of LT’s music. A significant influence of classical music also plays its role here. It takes some time to be fully digested, but this is one of the most interesting albums of 2003. In fact, I cannot quite remember the last time I heard something like this from French shores.

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Kryoburn – Enigmatic Existence

In a remote region somewhere in Carlsbad, New Mexico (not Germany), four souls gathered to form KRYOBURN. Despite the distance, the heavier music broke boundaries and transfigured into classic madness.

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D’Evil Leech Project – Bleed your Mind

The band now known as D’EVIL LEECH PROJECT was born under the black mark of the year 1994. Back then, the moniker was DEVILEECH and the debut album (Leechtron, 1999) brought forth a band simultaneously aggressive (Death Metal vein) and slightly industrial (not only due o some of the musical passages, but also because the band has rejected the human drummer from an early stage, in favor of a sequencer).

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Ministry – Rio Grande Blood

Ohh dear lord Ministry is back…wait that sounded kind of blasphemous, maybe that’s just me, any way encase you don’t know, Ministry is a Industrial Rock/Metal band, i say Industrial because they pretty much created the genre (even though they didn’t run with it), well before I start ranting about Rio Grande Blood, I’ll just add that although I’m somewhat a “fan”, i was never engaged by Ministry, the music is overly simplistic for my personal taste, it’s weird since i tend to think of them as a great band…

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Scarve – Irradiant

As it seems France has a lot more to offer, and i thought Gojira was a one time fluke, Scarve play a somewhat familiar mixture of technical death metal, with hints of industrial, and other “electronic metal” related sounds, i know it’s strange to say, but their music tends to go for the formula the likes of Darkane and In Flames go, it has to have a more “clean” chorus to grab peoples attention, it’s not a bad thing per say, Darkane master it to almost perfection.

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Abelcain – The Garden

Abelcain‘s The Garden EP is a nice piece of industrial/metal inspired breakcore which has a certain goth/horror movie feel that sets it apart from other works in the genre. As such, it has a permanent mist of darkness which helps to contextualize the *cough* poetic vocal snippets that Abelcain sprinkles over his characteristic sound.

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Raunchy – Death Pop Romance

Ohhh my god the album name has a pop in it? hehehe, well it fits well, Raunchy is what i would call a pop metal band, sure it has influences from things like industrial, melodic death metal and a couple of other, there is however a bit of a departure from their first full length, being that on their first they seemed more…. how should i put it…. more alternative, you know with a less definable sound, with this new album it seems they have estabilized on a more trademarkable sound.

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