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Coprofago – Unorthodox Creative Criteria

So I decided to review Coprofago latest work. My first contact with Coprofago was with the “Genesis” album. I didn’t like it at all. It was a major Meshuggah rip-off. I mean, even the vocals sound exactly like Jens Kidman. Not similar. Exactly the same. They had some ideas but 97% was all Meshuggah.

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The Dillinger Escape Plan – Miss Machine

I had an eye on Dillinger, ever since they released the chaotic metal meets hardcore meets punk meets experimental jazz of “Calculating Infinity”, difficult to ear at first (much like Meshuggah) after a while you start to see the underlying structure and all the little nuances you can always find in these kind of music, “Calculating Infinity” wasn’t without flaws, it had a kind of abrasive void about it, even in all the chaos it was still punk/hardcore and it had all the bad and good things punk and hardcore have, rough and aggressive songs, one dimension vocals, it goes on and on, well “Miss Machine” is here, so let’s have a look see.

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