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Disease Illusion – Backworld

So Disease Illusion hail from Italy and play a sort of Dark Tranquility/In Flames melodeath, not a bad thing per say, but a pretty popular and filled genre, seems this is a re-invention of sorts, since the band was previously called “The Reapers” playing some Thrash Metal and now they are playing Melodic Death, interesting.

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Raunchy – Death Pop Romance

Ohhh my god the album name has a pop in it? hehehe, well it fits well, Raunchy is what i would call a pop metal band, sure it has influences from things like industrial, melodic death metal and a couple of other, there is however a bit of a departure from their first full length, being that on their first they seemed more…. how should i put it…. more alternative, you know with a less definable sound, with this new album it seems they have estabilized on a more trademarkable sound.

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