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By Night – Sympathy for Tomorrow

So By Night has a new album, seems they also had some though luck with their old label Lifeforce Records, that’s kinda to be expected, the problem with labels is that they tend to be more concerned with their own bottom-line then the bands they represent, like the success of the band is not relevant to the success of the label.

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Primary Slave – Another Mark Is Drawn

So Primary Slave, this seems to be a postumus album, since the lead singer/guitar Mark Giltrow tragically died in a accident during the conception of this album, so not too sure if Primary Slave will continue or not, besides that, the band is from the UK and has Lee Dunham on guitar, David Palser on bass and humm… G (aka Graham Lyons) on drums, so lets check out this “Another Mark is Drawn”.

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Machine Head – The Blackening

Oh Machine Head?, do you like good music?… then probably you don’t know Machine Head too well hehehe since hummm since The Burning Red… i just don’t give a fuck, their albums sounded like thrash, but they were mostly… how can i put this gently… shit? a big pile, well more because they had such an interesting first album, that everything after that should have been at least somewhat good, seems not, so… after 2 or 3 albums, here comes “The Blackening” (and i’m only reviewing this cause a friend told me i should check it out).

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Diskreet – Infernal Rise

Ahh back to some headbashing hehehe, Diskreet is kind of the new wave of death metal, it has a more hardcore/grindcore feel to it, and not so much a leaning technical ability, nevertheless they hail from Kansas USA, and that might mean something to be mad about muahhaha.

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Misery Signals – Mirrors

Hardcore and Punk never brought to the table complex playing or technical ability, it’s not in their nature, but their basis of raw energy and aggression do infuse other genres and metalcore being what it is incorporates (ones more than others) the core part more seriously, that mixture of ability and pure hardcore energy can be found on some one like Misery Signals.

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The Autumn Offering – Embrace the Gutter

Ahh, The Autumn Offering? hailing from sunny Florida? and I’m doing this review closer to winter?, well anyway, with such a name what can you expect… you guessed it right, Metalcore, sure they add a lot of other things, and you can cut it anyway you like it, but it’s Metalcore with bit of other things, this is their second album “Embrace the Gutter”, let’s see if its any good.

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All That Remains – The Fall of Ideals

What’s with me and metalcore, every time i check a couple of albums for review, one for sure is metalcore…well that or hardcore, yeah, well besides my nagging, All That Remains is a pretty by the numbers metalcore, fast and hard with the oh so predictable clean chorus, i believe this is their second album, but to be honest it’s the first time i had the pleasure. So let’s have a looksee on “The Fall of Ideals”.

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Trendkill – No Longer Buried

Why am i picking this one up? well hehehe, after that review of By Night, i checked them out and found …Trendkill?, well it has 2 members of By Night and the Drummer from Anata, interesting, hummm, well they play a sort of hardcore meets metalcore (wait that sounded too bad to be true…), i guess but i can point out right away that they sound a lot like they are not from the same continent as you might aspect, if i didn’t check it out, i could have swore they were Americans, with all the good and bad that could come from it, so let’s have a look on “No Longer Buried”

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