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Nine Inch Nails – With Teeth

One thing about nin is that Mr Trent Reznor, sure take it’s time to make an album, when a new album pops up i tend to think… nin? i actually don’t remember your last album, not that i’m anal about how long it takes to make a decent album, but i tend to associate time with quality, and this is certainly true with nin, the albums are always of top quality, the music is always crisp, the production superb, well we have a new album, let’s see if indeed it has teeth.

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Gorillaz – Demon Days

Well we all know what Gorillaz is … Blur famed Damon Albarn’s Pet Project, that turned bigger than, well, Blur, hehehe does that make you think, or what?, anyways after about 4 year, her comes a new album, full of promises and well a bit more of the same, Gorillaz sound is far from being stale, it ranges from the alternative pop/rock, through things like hip-hop, funk, gloom*, to some forms of electronic i guess, even thought it seems the main concern is finding out the exact age of Noodle, their underage Japanese guitarist, even thought it is a fictional character…

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Kaiser Chiefs – Employment

Kaiser Chiefs, well well well, play a very sparkly british pop/punk/rock with some help from synthesizers, so this is happy happy music for the happy happy people, how do i know them? were else, “Predict A Riot” was a constant on radio, and i’m not that a big listener but did get it a couple of times, these acts seem to be rolling like crazy, Franz Ferdinand does come to mind, but i have that tingly feel between my legs that this two aren’t all the bunch, so i drink a cool orange juice to get that happy happy feeling, before i listen to this album, am i going to see any riots?

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