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Meshuggah – Nothing

Meshuggah are back! Well, not really. They just released “Nothing” again. So… Is it just another stupid re-release in digipack with a Japanese bonus track? No, this is a remastered version of “Nothing”. Well, to be honest, remastered version do suck most of the times. Let’s see what about this one!

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Unexpect – In a Flesh Aquarium

Indeed delightful (giggling all the way through), indeed, to the point of causing a syncopic episode, it’s quite wondrous at least for me, when i start a review with glaring praise, it’s actually refreshing, Unexpect hail from Canada, they have a quaint lineup with a double vocalist, one female, another male and guitarist, another guitarist, a bassist (with a custom 9 string if the press doesn’t fail me), a keyboardist, a drummer and a violinist, i guess a weird lineup for weird music, they play a sort of … how can i put it … progressive metal?

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Tool – 10000 Days

I have a kind of hate love relation with Tool, i do realize they are talented folk i just don’t seem so interested on their sound, their prowess is without question but they seem to have found a formula and they are sticking to it, my way of enjoying music is based on 2 concepts, quality and originality, and for me originality is long gone with Tool.

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Mastodon – Leviathan

Mastodon has a sound that reminds me of stoner rock, more stoner metal, with complex jazz like drumming, yeah you heard me right, but what would you expect from former members of the alternative drum machine that was “Today is the Day”, so what does this new album “Leviathan” brings to the board, well it has a back story, it’s an epic, it’s Herman Melville “Moby Dick”, say what?, yeah why not choose a classic novel as a theme, so let’s have a look and see if it’s the best soundtrack for the white wale.

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Gojira – From Mars To Sirius

Lets start this by saying i love Gojira, i don’t know them for long, but in the last couple of months we have become very close, like a married man with it’s mistress, well back to the point, Gojira plays a very personalized kind of “Neo” Morbid Angel, you know a slow hard and technical Death/Black Metal, but unlike Morbid Angel, Gojira seem to have an edge, picking the best of all kinds of metal and fusing into their progressive onslaught.

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David Gilmour – On An Island

The voice and guitar of Pink Floyd is back. And what a return!

David Gilmour didnt release a solo work since 1984 and as part of Pink Floyd since 1994. After almost fifteen years we, once again, can have the pleasure of listening to Gilmour’s voice and guitar work – I personally love his guitar solos, always have, always will.

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Textures – Drawing Circles

I really like Textures, i loved their first album, their 3 way combination of Thrash/Calc Metal/Melody was a great listen (with lot’s of hints of Meshuggah), now with the new album you get a surprise it seems they (i suppose for the need to combine everything to a more trademark sound) went a different way, it sounds more like an metal experimental album, than a full fixture, thought the sound does seem more mature, the truth is it lacks the one two punch of a purer form of thrash/calc metal, and with it and the prolonged necessity for melodic passages it lacks much of the brutal aggression they once possessed.

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Meshuggah – Catch Thirty-Three

>I’m not going to lie, i’m a unconditional Meshuggah fan, even if they started making polka music i would still find wonderful things to say about their music, i’m exaggerating, or am i? well Meshuggah is hard to characterized, even more with time, i like to say they play Calc Metal (from calculus) but you can say they play mathcore (derived from math rock), anyway this characterization problems derives from their very characteristic sound, that use extended polymetric passages, complex drum patterns, odd time signatures, angular, dissonant guitar riffs, and harsh, atonal vocals.

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