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Kylesa – Time Will Fuse Its Worth

With my last surge throughout the bowls of Sludge Metal, i guess it was time to talk about Kylesa, they play a more by the numbers form of Sludge, truer to the purest form of Sludge, mixing in some way Doom Metal, Hardcore Punk and Stoner Metal, with a couple of twists and turns in between. So what “Time Will Fuse Its Worth” is all about?

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Into The Moat – The Design

Oh God Oh God Oh God, another tech/jazz band, sweeeet, well this is me after a couple of minutes of ranting after listening to “The Design”, like i said 2 seconds ago this is another one ranging the rabid seas of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Norma Jean or maybe Psyopus, mixing, Punk, Hardcore, Metalcore, with strange time signatures and all those jazzy whatnot’s we all love (or maybe it’s just me ^^), this is their first full length album, and what a treat it is.

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The Mad Capsule Markets – 1997-2004

Uhh the mad boys are back…well halfway, this is their latest release, but its just a mix of their best tunes from 1997 to 2004, why do this? well maybe because their back catalog isn’t that rich so everyone can save a couple of bucks and just by this one, these japanese boys play a form of electro/punk so the songs are not really part of anything, so albums tend to be collection of songs ratter than something with a beginning, middle or end, anyway i like the mad capsule markets, their use of drum&bass/jungle, so… heavy hitting electronic with the violent overtone of punk/hardcore/thrash, and this mix actually works quite well.

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The Dillinger Escape Plan – Miss Machine

I had an eye on Dillinger, ever since they released the chaotic metal meets hardcore meets punk meets experimental jazz of “Calculating Infinity”, difficult to ear at first (much like Meshuggah) after a while you start to see the underlying structure and all the little nuances you can always find in these kind of music, “Calculating Infinity” wasn’t without flaws, it had a kind of abrasive void about it, even in all the chaos it was still punk/hardcore and it had all the bad and good things punk and hardcore have, rough and aggressive songs, one dimension vocals, it goes on and on, well “Miss Machine” is here, so let’s have a look see.

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The Ocean – Aeolian

Hell, since i’m in this aquatic mood (yeah with wales and seas and leviathans), so why not talk about The Ocean newest release “Aeolian”, The Ocean, plays a metal/hardcore hybrid, mixing different stuff, sometimes sounding closer to The Dillinger Escape Plan punk aggression, other times the more rock/metal of the likes of Mastodon, any way let’s see what the album has in store.

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