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Gorillaz – Demon Days

Well we all know what Gorillaz is … Blur famed Damon Albarn’s Pet Project, that turned bigger than, well, Blur, hehehe does that make you think, or what?, anyways after about 4 year, her comes a new album, full of promises and well a bit more of the same, Gorillaz sound is far from being stale, it ranges from the alternative pop/rock, through things like hip-hop, funk, gloom*, to some forms of electronic i guess, even thought it seems the main concern is finding out the exact age of Noodle, their underage Japanese guitarist, even thought it is a fictional character…

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Beastie Boys – To The 5 Boroughs

Yeah bitsy boys in da house, 6 years its a long stretch, now their back, in “To The 5 Boroughs”, i have to say i only started giving some credit to the boys after “Hello Nasty”, their old school rap/hip hop meets rock/punk never grab me, but “Hello Nasty” was a nice surprise, it was a damm funky ride.

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