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Magnum – Brand New Morning

The Grave is going traditional. Older fellers may have heard the name before – UK’s prog rock MAGNUM have been around since 1976 and have released a good number of albums by now. Core members Bob Catley (vocals) and Tony Clarkin (guitar) come back mightily accompanied by Mark Stanway (keyboards), Harry James (drums) and Al Barrow (bass).

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Ministry – Rio Grande Blood

Ohh dear lord Ministry is back…wait that sounded kind of blasphemous, maybe that’s just me, any way encase you don’t know, Ministry is a Industrial Rock/Metal band, i say Industrial because they pretty much created the genre (even though they didn’t run with it), well before I start ranting about Rio Grande Blood, I’ll just add that although I’m somewhat a “fan”, i was never engaged by Ministry, the music is overly simplistic for my personal taste, it’s weird since i tend to think of them as a great band…

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Mastodon – Blood Mountain

From sea huntin to mountain tracking, what can i say, new album from Mastodon, incase you don’t know Mastodon, let me tell you, the name fits the music, their sound is like the prehistoric mammoth like animal, you know, big and hairy, scary tusks, well they play a kind of Technical Heavy Metal band, that mix loads of different genres and styles, from Progressive Rock/Metal to Thrash Metal, from Hardcore to Power Metal, from Sludge Metal to Southern Rock, with memorizing odd ball jazz like drumming (their best feature in a long list of excellent features) and complex heavy guitar riffing, so a new album is here “Blood Mountain”, I’m wondering how it will fare against their critically acclaimed (including myself) last album “Leviathan”.

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Weezer – Make Believe

Uhhh weeee, i’ll make this short and super sweet, Weezer are Weezer and i must say they have changed, there’s something about clean and nice rock that just brings a smile to my face, sure with time one would suspect they would get old, but their pop”ed” hard rock seems to still thrive, the last album was a bit of a strange affair as well as a 4 years (10 months in Meshuggah time) of wait for a new album seems a bit of a stretch, so here it is, let’s see if it will make me into a believer.

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Rob Zombie – Educated Horses

Ohhh yeah baby those horses need some education, well i have one of those love/hate relationships with Rob Zombie, well more hate than love, but that’s another story, there’s a new album, and in case you don’t know, Rob Zombie, plays a kind of weird “sampled ridden” glam rock, it sounds like redneck music to me, how i do miss White Zombie, well that’s a even longer story.

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Nine Inch Nails – With Teeth

One thing about nin is that Mr Trent Reznor, sure take it’s time to make an album, when a new album pops up i tend to think… nin? i actually don’t remember your last album, not that i’m anal about how long it takes to make a decent album, but i tend to associate time with quality, and this is certainly true with nin, the albums are always of top quality, the music is always crisp, the production superb, well we have a new album, let’s see if indeed it has teeth.

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Tenacious D – Tenacious D

A 2001 album? Based on a HBO series? Screw it, Jack Black is fucking hilarious, and not a bad musician to boot, well maybe I’ll give a bigger insight, Tenacious D is composed of Jack Black and Kyle Gass, both are fucking funny and as such i guess they got the opportunity to make a HBO Show, first some shorts and then 6 full episodes, that showed the Tenacious D tribulations to get famous, even thought it was fucking hilarious, each show had a open-mike kind of thing were they would play a couple of songs, most of those became this album, the funny (at least for me) thing is that not only the comedy was priceless, the music was funky and funny as well.

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Don Caballero – World Class Listening Problem

A pleasure as always, yeah most of the time the shifting repetition under the transcendental drumming, from Che, does tend to give the illusion of self indulgence, however it …. got you people fooled for a moment there, hehhe, anyways i thought they were “dead” seems i was wrong and thank whatever god you pray to, Don Caballero plays math rock, what is math rock? you might say, well wikipedia says it better than i could. were math rocks is “characterized by complex, atypical rhythmic structures, stop/start dynamics and angular, dissonant riffs.” and i believe Don Caballero were (and as it seems continue to be) in the foremost of this genre.

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