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The Autumn Offering – Embrace the Gutter

Ahh, The Autumn Offering? hailing from sunny Florida? and I’m doing this review closer to winter?, well anyway, with such a name what can you expect… you guessed it right, Metalcore, sure they add a lot of other things, and you can cut it anyway you like it, but it’s Metalcore with bit of other things, this is their second album “Embrace the Gutter”, let’s see if its any good.

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Mushroomhead – Savior Sorrow

What’s with me and bad albums, well i always had a big admiration for Mushroomhead‘s music and creativity, no one combined a sense of alternative metal than this folks, mixing everything up and spitting musical gems, that is until now, seems frontman J. Mann is no longer part of the band and it shows… terribly, this is no evolution and if it’s a revolution than it’s not a democratic one, it sounds like shit, it lacks the aggression, it lacks the hooks, it lacks the good lyrics, it lacks everything, it sounds like their old albums but without that alternative approach, point blank “Savior Sorrow” is embarrassing.

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Gizmachi – The Imbuing

Uhh no? Well according to my intelligence report Gizmachi is a New York act that supposedly plays a hardcore rock nu metal kind of thing, the supposedly part will come later, it seems they are the first release from Slipknot’s Clown new label, uhhh, well here comes “The Imbuing”.

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Head Control System – Murder Nature

There was a little bit of push and shove for me to talk about Head Control System, the only background i was given, is that this is some kind of side project by some big shot metalhead from Reaktor and whatever, and as such i would expect….. hard rock?? well lets see if Head Control System is any good…

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Tool – 10000 Days

I have a kind of hate love relation with Tool, i do realize they are talented folk i just don’t seem so interested on their sound, their prowess is without question but they seem to have found a formula and they are sticking to it, my way of enjoying music is based on 2 concepts, quality and originality, and for me originality is long gone with Tool.

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