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Lex Talionis – The Supreme Aggression

The first few notes of Endless End clearly depict LEX TALIONIS as an experimentalist technical band verging on the industrial. And what is more, the whole album is faithfully portraying the quality of LT’s music. A significant influence of classical music also plays its role here. It takes some time to be fully digested, but this is one of the most interesting albums of 2003. In fact, I cannot quite remember the last time I heard something like this from French shores.

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Decapitated – Nihility

The fact that this band is composed by young men (nowadays at the age of 20 or so) has more or less hindered them from having a wider recognition in the past. Most people seemed not to take their efforts seriously. However, after the release of the Cemeterial Gardens  demo in 1997, it became clear that the band were playing more than just standard, faithful-to-the-roots Death Metal. Decapitated‘s nowadays almost consecrated status slowly gained its firm roots with the release of yet another demo (The Eye Of Horus) in 1998 and their debut album Winds of Creation through Earache‚Wicked World in 2000.

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Car Bomb – Centralia

Oh dear… this is one those albums that’s hard as hell to review but oh so fun to listen to… if that doesn’t abode well for Car Bomb (nice name by the way… kinda appropriate) i don’t know what will, so Car Bomb is what i would call a Mathcore band, following the likes of The Dillinger Escape Plan and Psyopus… so lets have a look see.

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Behemoth – The Apostasy

Oh Jesus… Behemoth has a new album, for anyone that weren’t paying attention Behemoth’s last album “Demigod” was actually the first review on Soundcult, so it’s my pleasure to again grace myself in the presence of awesomeness … heheh maybe yes, maybe no, there are big shoes to fill after “Demigod”, again it seems we are in the irreligious theme, so let’s see how good is “The Apostasy”.

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Mastodon – Blood Mountain

From sea huntin to mountain tracking, what can i say, new album from Mastodon, incase you don’t know Mastodon, let me tell you, the name fits the music, their sound is like the prehistoric mammoth like animal, you know, big and hairy, scary tusks, well they play a kind of Technical Heavy Metal band, that mix loads of different genres and styles, from Progressive Rock/Metal to Thrash Metal, from Hardcore to Power Metal, from Sludge Metal to Southern Rock, with memorizing odd ball jazz like drumming (their best feature in a long list of excellent features) and complex heavy guitar riffing, so a new album is here “Blood Mountain”, I’m wondering how it will fare against their critically acclaimed (including myself) last album “Leviathan”.

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Abelcain – The Garden

Abelcain‘s The Garden EP is a nice piece of industrial/metal inspired breakcore which has a certain goth/horror movie feel that sets it apart from other works in the genre. As such, it has a permanent mist of darkness which helps to contextualize the *cough* poetic vocal snippets that Abelcain sprinkles over his characteristic sound.

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Dim Mak – Knives of Ice

Guess what?! The time has come to speak about one of the best kept secrets in death metal.
Yes, I’m talking about Dim Mak. Dim who? Mak. No, not the Chinese Death Touch. I mean… yes and no.

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Cryptopsy – Once Was Not

“What the fuck happened to Lord Worm‘s voice???” That was my first comment on “Once Was Not” first play. The rest of the guys in Cryptopsy sound better then ever tough. They kept their characteristic style, but Worm, oh God. Oh well, I’ll ignore the vocals while trying to describe “Once Was Not”.

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