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Sepultura – Dante XXI

Sepultura rocks, plain and simple, they always have and in my mind will always rock, now since the departure from Max Cavalera it has been a bit of a downhill battle, and worst is that they have the ability (well everyone except Max’s replacement) but they just did sub par work after sub par work, sure Max’s Soulfly has never been that impressive, but hell if you are going to keep the name at least keep it in the standard that Sepultura had all of us accustomed with, am i right?

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Strapping Young Lad – The New Black

So… Mr. Devin Townsend is back again. No, I’m not going to review “Synchestra“. Yep, we have already another Strapping Young Lad album. Devin Townsend is doing albums (solo and with SYL) like there is no tomorrow. So lets play “The New Black”.

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Raunchy – Death Pop Romance

Ohhh my god the album name has a pop in it? hehehe, well it fits well, Raunchy is what i would call a pop metal band, sure it has influences from things like industrial, melodic death metal and a couple of other, there is however a bit of a departure from their first full length, being that on their first they seemed more…. how should i put it…. more alternative, you know with a less definable sound, with this new album it seems they have estabilized on a more trademarkable sound.

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DevilDriver – The Fury of Our Maker’s Hand

I could just talk about Dez Fafara, former Coal Chamber frontman and now Devildriver frontman, well well Mr Dez how times have changed…or maybe not, after the separation from Coal Chamber (just for flaming their best album by far was Chamber Music), he quickly formed a new group, going from the goth>nu>metal that Coal Chamber played to…well…Thrash Metal, that sure surprised me, and i always like a good surprise, Devildriver play a by the book Thrash Metal, sure it touches parts of Rock/Death but hey that’s nitpicking, it’s thrash, actually quite a soften thrash to say the least.

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Chimaira – Chimaira

Well well, self titled, and no less the all so important third album, did Chimaira pull it through?, or did they fall into the pits off hell, don’t miss this cliffhanger of review!!!, Hehe, well Chimaira, are a clear case of a band that tried to gain on the nu-metal bandwagon, and saw that being nu metal doesn’t mean good sales, so something had to change, they decided to ditch the electro sampled nu-metal to a more heavy old school thrash metal sound, with some illusive melodic parts and a couple of other tidbits, did it worked? Hell Yeah, if it rocks it sells, so what about now, with their self titled?

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Soulfly – Dark Ages

Yes, Dark Ages indeed, why Max, why so many years until you gave us something worth while, Sepultura was the rocks, Soulfly was it’s ugly sibling, with only one chromosome, even thought as it seems the best one, so days were indeed dark, many many days, years and albums passed, the music just got worse and worse, there were some occasional glimmers of hope, but all the same the demise seemed inevitable, that’s when Mr Max “set up us the bomb“.

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Gojira – From Mars To Sirius

Lets start this by saying i love Gojira, i don’t know them for long, but in the last couple of months we have become very close, like a married man with it’s mistress, well back to the point, Gojira plays a very personalized kind of “Neo” Morbid Angel, you know a slow hard and technical Death/Black Metal, but unlike Morbid Angel, Gojira seem to have an edge, picking the best of all kinds of metal and fusing into their progressive onslaught.

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A Life Once Lost – Hunter

A Life Once Lost is the kind of band that it’s hard to pinpoint, they clearly ride the roads between death/thrash/hardcore, but with their first release they seemed to go straight for a more point by point math metal approach, with a bit of hardcore in the mix but basically a stop go, polyrithmic ride, that is to say, i liked it, now with a new album, they seem to try and grow their sound, and so a new beast is born.

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