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Anthrax released their latest album entitled “Worship Music” late last year and many wondered whether the album would be worth the 8 year wait. There has been more drama revolving around this album than a JR High School dance. Everything from a revolving door of vocalists to complete direction changes made some fans think that this release was never coming.

Worship Music has been hailed as some of the best music from Anthrax in a long time, and perhaps their best work ever. While I won’t say it’s the “best Anthrax album ever”, it is still a huge win for the group.

“Earth on Hell” is very solid and the intense riffing makes it seem like the group is trying to make a statement that they are back with a vengeance. “The Devil You Know” hooks your from the start and is classic Anthrax. The chorus is insanely melodic and very well may be their best single in years.

Their zombie song “Fight Em ‘Til’ You Can’t” was like stepping into a time machine and going back to the 80’s with the group. While the song seems a bit out of place on the album, it is still a strong winner. Of course, one has to wonder if this track was made to get their music on the Walking Dead or some other zombie related show.

Both Scott Ian and Rob Caggiano provide some solid guitar work throughout the album. Scott’s poker career appears to be on the back burner, and that focus looks to have been channeled into his music. Solos are tight on this one by both and leaves fans wanting more.

If there is one gripe with this album, it would be that Joey Belladonna’s vocals are sounding a bit like John Bush. If they wanted that raw sounding voice like Bush, why bring on Belladona. With that said, Belladonna’s vocals were still solid.

With all the delays, fans of the band were prepared for the word and fortunately were greeted by an album that firmly puts Anthrax back on the map. Hopefully it will not take another eight years for the group to put out another release. However, should they pull off another winner like Worship Music, it may well be worth the wait.

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