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Drumcorps – Grist

I could say i have a sort of love/hate relationship with grindcore, mostly because when its well made, it’s completely and utterly awesome, but most of the times its just an amalgam of noise and not in the good sense, also i could say i have the same feeling with electronic music in general, so when Aaron Specter‘s Drumcorps pulls this “Grist” saying it’s a mixing of grindcore and breakcore… i tend to take it with a grain of salt.

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Venetian Snares – Cavalcade of Glee and Dadaist…

Venetian Snares or should i say Mr. Funk, and the Mr here is appropriate, this isn’t rap were there is a tendency to add things were things aren’t supposed to exist, well Venetian Snares is the brainchild of one Aaron Funk, more like a stage name, Uhhh? just call me Venetian Snares, because… well my name sucks (and everybody pauses for a moment… but it’s Funk…Funk is cool…no?), back to reality, the new album is called Cavalcade of Glee and Dadaist Happy Hardcore Pom Poms, uhhh it has that warm feeling of electronic music, the longer the title the smaller the…, yeah it’s glitchcore (and noisecore and now that i think of it all breakcore) and i have to say that i quite enjoy this types of electronical music.

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Abelcain – The Garden

Abelcain‘s The Garden EP is a nice piece of industrial/metal inspired breakcore which has a certain goth/horror movie feel that sets it apart from other works in the genre. As such, it has a permanent mist of darkness which helps to contextualize the *cough* poetic vocal snippets that Abelcain sprinkles over his characteristic sound.

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Gorillaz – Demon Days

Well we all know what Gorillaz is … Blur famed Damon Albarn’s Pet Project, that turned bigger than, well, Blur, hehehe does that make you think, or what?, anyways after about 4 year, her comes a new album, full of promises and well a bit more of the same, Gorillaz sound is far from being stale, it ranges from the alternative pop/rock, through things like hip-hop, funk, gloom*, to some forms of electronic i guess, even thought it seems the main concern is finding out the exact age of Noodle, their underage Japanese guitarist, even thought it is a fictional character…

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Static-X – Start A War

I tend to think of bands like Static-X, are in the same group as Machine Head or Chimaira, they are known but they aren’t the bomb, in case of Static-X much like Mudvayne, their debut album, was oh so much fun, far from excellence but enjoyable, but time has it’s way and it seems with time the band had it’s uppers and downers, mostly downers, then they release their fourth full length, and it seems they are up to “Start A War”, sure…. Static-X? Start a war? Jeez Batman hold me tight.

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Aphex Twin – Chosen Lords

So a new one from aphex, ohhh excuse me, AFX, well almost, i checked it out and these Chosen Lords, are not a album per say, they are a mix from the 41 tracks on Analord Volumes 1-11, a collection of individually released vinyl only EPs.

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The Mad Capsule Markets – 1997-2004

Uhh the mad boys are back…well halfway, this is their latest release, but its just a mix of their best tunes from 1997 to 2004, why do this? well maybe because their back catalog isn’t that rich so everyone can save a couple of bucks and just by this one, these japanese boys play a form of electro/punk so the songs are not really part of anything, so albums tend to be collection of songs ratter than something with a beginning, middle or end, anyway i like the mad capsule markets, their use of drum&bass/jungle, so… heavy hitting electronic with the violent overtone of punk/hardcore/thrash, and this mix actually works quite well.

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Beastie Boys – To The 5 Boroughs

Yeah bitsy boys in da house, 6 years its a long stretch, now their back, in “To The 5 Boroughs”, i have to say i only started giving some credit to the boys after “Hello Nasty”, their old school rap/hip hop meets rock/punk never grab me, but “Hello Nasty” was a nice surprise, it was a damm funky ride.

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