Crionics – Armageddon’s Evolution

Uhhh the critically acclaimed Emperor’s offspring, Crionics play a Black/Death metal combo…very heavy, with quite a drumming machine/guitar riffing wall of sound, quite Nile like barrage, might as well just say it…i’m not a big fan of Emperor or any “blasting away” bands, they do tend to overstate their intents with more noise than music, and grow tiresome that much faster.

Well how about Crionics “Armageddon’s Evolution”, all their tracks follow the same premise, the drum machine is almost constant and almighty, the first track “Arrival Of Non-Parellel Aeons” is a little one dimensional, although i can say a couple of things, production wise it’s quite good, the sound seems clean and crisp, and you can actually identify all the instruments, something that’s not very common in this kind of music, their M.O. seem to go from thrashing to some slower black metal passages, well, this sure starts to get boring fast, next comes “Final Inversion” more black metalish, with some keyboard oriented passages, the rest of the songs are more of the same, always blasting away, however there are some pearls, i can point out, “FFF” for it’s “out of nowhere” riffing and i like that, also my favorite the very technical “Xenomorphized Soul Devoured”.

So is this some good black metal shit?, well its good, but it could have been so much better, there doesn’t seem to be any focus, well maybe it’s me but after a while the drilling music start to blend with the background, with a couple of exceptions, i know i know, not all albums need “downplayed singles for the masses” but if there isn’t anything to grab on, it’s difficult to like it as a whole, you know what i mean…sometimes we hear 2 or 3 tracks just because you know that “one” is coming, so if fast black metal is your cup of tea, then you might as well give Crionics a go.

Crionics – Final Inversion

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