Lux Ferre – Antichristian War Propaganda

Born in the Pits of Portugal (although Hell could have been a good guess) in 2001 by the hands of Baal Sabbath (guitars, bass) and Devasth (vocals, programming), the intention was understandably to unleash the fiercest, most violent and destructive Black Metal manifestation ever.

Quite soon, the band started releasing Underground demos and the consequences were decently positive – a certain attention with higher printing numbers appeared, and reactions have been solidly supportive ever since, and for all the true reasons. I do not for a second doubt the good reasons that made Ketzer sign this Portuguese piece of Black Metal hatred. As NARGAROTH would have it, Black Metal ist Krieg, but it can also be written and performed with quality riffing and structure without losing any of the feeling.

LUX FERRE should by all means be hailed for the competent alliance of talent with feeling, not yielding to trends, but also not sticking around the pool of musical creative incompetence that seems to dominate the «raw» scene. But there are exceptions, few and far between.

The cold vocals, music that rebounds grimness, early MARDUK, Norwegian influences every now and then – the formula is complete. LUX FERRE absorb all the good influences and never sound dependent – and they do it with copious amounts of quality, of feeling, without ever becoming untrue. The sound is also quite okay – cold and distant on the one hand and, on the other, perfectly perceptible. Antichristian War Propaganda features a real drummer (who also happens to be Brazilian and is Lord Mantus, of MYSTERIIS, DARKEST HATE WARFRONT and ANCIENT BLOOD fame). The mastering was taken care of at the Necromorbus Studios (Sweden) and the German Ketzer Records released it. I like the international flair of the album.

Lux Ferre is the Latin origin of Luci fer, the Bearer of Light – a Light that, according to the band’s ideology is best disseminated through True War Satanic Black Metal, both musically and lyrically. The concept of the band clearly sets firm ground on Man’s primary feature: an instinctive impulse for self-destruction through War. Ideologies aside, this is highly explosive – grim and recommended stuff. One of the few BM bands that have of late succeeded in drawing my attention to the genre.

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Lux Ferre – Antichristian War Propaganda

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