Kylesa – Time Will Fuse Its Worth

With my last surge throughout the bowls of Sludge Metal, i guess it was time to talk about Kylesa, they play a more by the numbers form of Sludge, truer to the purest form of Sludge, mixing in some way Doom Metal, Hardcore Punk and Stoner Metal, with a couple of twists and turns in between. So what “Time Will Fuse Its Worth” is all about?

After a smallish “Intro”, you get right to the heart of it with “What Becomes An End”, shouting vocals, dual guitars, and the weird production, it sounds and feels like hardcore punk, nevertheless it shifts and turns into something else, more like instead of playing straight Sludge, they play all the genres in separate, because even though I’m trying to fit this into a genre, they are crossing a lot of them, musically speaking it’s quite well played and interesting, “Hollow Severer” is one groovy track, starts and works its way in with shouting vocals and sludge like riffing, great track, “Where The Horizon Unfolds” starts a bit slow, but when it gets on going, it gets going (almost in a Mastodon kind of way), solid track.

“Between Silence and Sound” is what i could call a pseudo-intermission, it’s a short instrumental/short music, it’s actually a good mix, then you get “Intermission” and it is what it is…a intermission, mostly a drumming workout, not bad and not too big, but after the last one it’s kind of weird, “Identity Defined” is a speedier track, opening up to a … experimental doom track, with some psycho guitar work, just like in the 60’s, Stoner Metal all the way, and not bad at all, “Ignoring Anger” and “The Warning” are straight to school, sludge metal, another pair of great tracks, building up to the finisher “Outro” that just shows off the double drumming.

Well, it seems they do have 2 drummers, not to put it down, but the single Mastodon drummer, brings more speed, twists and turns, more overall quality and originality, I don’t understand very well the 2 drummers thing, i hope its not to just show off (or i hope not), since i wouldn’t classify the drumming as one of their stronger features, being those the shouting 3 way diverse vocals and the guitar work, oh well its a interesting album nevertheless, but if i had to choose, i would put Mastodon and Intronaut first, but if your into Sludge you might want to check them out.

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Kylesa – Where The Horizon Unfolds

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